Over the years, our teeth become discoloured and stained due to a wide variety of factors. Discolouration of teeth can occur due to wear, coffee and tea consumption, red wine consumption, tobacco, coloured foods, some medications, disease, injury or medical treatments etc. With the use of the Pola whitening system, these discolourations in the enamel can be improved and we can restore the natural colour of your teeth. At Quality Dental Care we offer a variety of whitening treatment options to suit your needs and lifestyle and ensure tooth sensitivity is minimised. Our treatment options include: 

  • In chair whitening 
  • Custom Take home whitening kit 
  • On the go – Pola Luminate whitening Pen

In chair whitening requires one visit to the dentist for instant results. During this visit, we can accomplish up to 8 lighter shades and this should be followed up by 5-7 days of home bleaching to achieve the desired degree of whiteness. Overall, this procedure can accomplish up to 12 lighter shades depending on the case.

Our take home kit is also available, where patients are given custom bleaching trays, with your choice of day bleaching or night bleaching. From as quick as 15 minutes once a day, you can have even whiter teeth!

However, everybody’s tooth structure is different; therefore the degree of whiteness that we may accomplish will vary from one patient to another. Your dental professional will be able to give you an approximation during an initial exam and shade assessment – Book your appointment today!

Don’t have the time to use trays for bleaching, or have you already whitened your teeth? There is now the Pola Luminate for quick and easy, on the go whitening or touch ups! No need for trays or visits to the dentist just for a touch up, just paint your desired tooth surfaces and go!

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